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This is a tutorial for Goldeneye 007. For an outline of the strategies used in this tutorial, see the main level page.


Statue is a luck and skill based level. Eliminating spawn guards requires skill and attentiveness, but it is quite possible that guards spawn out of your sight. The difficulty is debated. It does not really require any particular trick or bespoke skill, but completions can be frustrating to get.

General Completion Notes

Spawning Guards

Starting the level, 4 guards will spawn and chase to your location. As such, cutting the cutscene immediately is recommended. These guards will be replaced if killed, and can sometimes tag you as you approach Valentin.

Once Valentin's speech begins, the spawn guards run away, but will reappear after Val leaves. These can sometimes intercept you between Val and the Statue.

Trev Guards

The 4 guards who spawn with Trevelyan are the principal problem in the level. They can be eliminated by the Statue, however they will be replaced at various points throughout the level. As such, the most common outcome is being shot as you try and leave the Statue area. There are a set of common spawn points, but little information is available on this.

Once you have picked up the Flight Recorder, the Trev Guards will run away and not shoot you.

Platform Safety Strategy

In the Statue area, there is a platform that provides some level of safety from chasing Trev guards. Once the initial set of 4 Trev guards are killed, if you get to the platform, guards will chase you to the Statue and then to the platform allowing the opportunity for guards to get bunched behind you path. This only improves your chances however and does not guarantee success. See Icy Tutorial below.

Statue Spawn Prevention

A speculative strategy is available whereby you prevent the guards spawning with Trev at the Statue (see TxR Tutorial below). They will appear later, but the rationale is that we can reach the platform and proceed as in the Platform Safety Strategy without having to eliminate any guards at the Statue.

Trev only spawns when the block he appears from behind is out of sight. By quick leaning, it is only out of sight for a fraction of a second, therefore the other guards do not have time to spawn.

Tutorial Videos