Goldeneye 007 Tutorial: Depot DLTK

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This is a tutorial for Goldeneye 007. For an outline of the strategies used in this tutorial, see the main level page.


Literally speaking, Depot DLTK is one of the toughest and most challenging of stages. While slower strats exists, such as this and this, completing the level can be very hard and demanding.

The key problem on this level is spawning guards. If Depot didn't have any, the level would be cake. The strats above manipulate the spawning of more guards and is recommended if you only want a completion (although at the same time they're kind of inconsistent). However, you still need to deal with the time-consuming open/close roller door-part in order to stun guards. This is extremely hard (especially since you have to repeat it multiple times) and if you happen to open any roller door too much, guards will shoot you to death.

The world record of 1:21 is...I-N-S-A-N-E. It also beats the target time on Secret Agent of 1:40.

Wouter's Depot DLTK Strat

Since you reach the ammo dump safe area in less than 20 seconds, you can spend as much time as you want there. As soon as you leave, the timers for the spawn guards start.

Only the first 4 guards will have a chance to spawn. Normally, the first 3-4 should be brown spawns (pretty sure Wouter's run had all 4 brown), meaning you will get the guard around the turn to the train (Brown #3). The 4th guard is also likely to be a brown spawn and appear in the first alley to the right after leaving the comp room. Being faster here is potentially bad since the 4th spawn could otherwise be cyan, meaning same bad position as Brown #3. This would mean 2 badly placed guards there...

There's also a limit to how fast you can go, since White #4 as well as Orange #3 and #4 are very very bad spawns. An ideal scenario however, would be somewhere in between:

You'd need to be fast enough to enter the Cyan area before #3 spawns, i.e. you've got 30 seconds from the moment you exit the ammo dump. Yellow would work too but it's unlikely you'd be that fast. After Cyan #3 spawns, you can easily make it to Yellow area before 5 seconds have passed, you might even have to wait a second here to make sure #4 gets the Yellow spawn, and not White, since that'd be a disaster.

A quick timing of Wouters vid shows that we'd need to save roughly 10 seconds compared to Wouter in the computer room for this scenario to happen. Definitely not impossible, but you need a good strat to clear out the guards fast. If you run straight from the ammo dump to the comp room, then you've got roughly 16 seconds to leave comp room from the moment you open the roller door.

Otherwise, dealing with that 1 guard in the end might not be THAT bad. But annoying for sure.

Edit: I think i found a good strat for the computer room, with potential to be TOO fast:

Shoot a rocket towards the right side of the roller door from far away, roughly before the T-junction you came from earlier. Shooting the ride side should make sure that the guard to the right side of the door dies instantly, luring the other 2 guards on the right side, while the left guard has to run into the explosion as he sees the right guard die. This means the left guard at the screen won't see him die and won't be lured (he's slow, so he often survives the next shot).

Now when you reach the roller door, it should already be opening. Shoot another rocket to kill the 2 guards. The only 2 remaining guards now should be to the left of the screen, and to the left near the mainframes. Go on the right side, shoot a rocket into the right mainframe, without alerting the guard by the screen or the drone gun. Now stand back and wait a moment for both guards to die (the screen guard gets alerted when mainframe guard dies, and runs into the explosion). You could take this time to shoot the screen. Now simply grab the key, destroy any remaining mainframes and leave.

When i tested this on emulator, i got some very fast runs, with several hundred frames to spare. So this strat should be doable on console without much problems. Gotta make sure not to go too fast though, since it's a very real possibility.

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