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This page details strategies which are not used at all on Aztec. This includes strategies that have been deemed infeasible by the community, either with current knowledge or altogether, and may include some strategies which are feasible in TAS.

Glass Door Warp

There are no gaps between or around the 3 panes of glass that could be warped. The only known way to warp is on "pinball mode", where you are hit many times in quick succession. It is not known exactly how this warp works, but Goldeneye's collision detection checks the entire line segment of your travel, as well as checking that you fit at the destination, so it's unlikely that it's the high speed alone that makes the warp possible. One theory is that being boosted so much pushes your height down enough that you can slip under the glass.

Whatever the reason, it seems unlikely that it can be reproduced at all in the normal difficulties.

B before A

A classic TAS strategy, this involves uploading the launch protocol on the final mainframe before running back to complete Objective A, uploading Q's guidance data in the black room, during the countdown. The exhaust bay must be open when the countdown hits 10 seconds, and so you cannot press the console and go back the way you came. If so you would need to press the console again after completing Objective A.

Instead you have to run past jaws and warp up out of the "pit" back in the 2nd room. This is very tight to pace even in TAS. On top of this, you must leave the final room by the other 'vent', which is further away so you'd likely take more damage. And in the tunnels there are loads of guards including Jaws, which would essentially be guaranteed damage on console.

The launch protocol DAT is inside the glass, and so you cannot pause for that while waiting for the glass. None of the glass strategies are fast enough that you are really bottlenecked by pausing for the guidance data, and so this just allows more quickpauses ahead of the pause for the DAT. The time save of 6 quickpauses against no quickpauses at all is only 0.90s, so this cannot save more than a second.

Certainly confirmed as impractical on SA / 00A, and a few attempts on agent would probably confirm that the pace is too tight there. On console the time save is almost negligible.