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TASpap was an unhoard event organized by players WhiteTed and Berg with its video premiere in the summer of 2021.

TASpap was notable for its refinement of a variety of underutilized strats--both in IL and TAS settings. The strats highlighted include: Frigate Agent reverse hostages, Frigate SA "PAL only" route in 2.3 with a Tracker Bug R-lean, Caverns SA Objective A from above TAS, Caverns Agent Spiral Mine placement, Dam SA/00 "Piggy Back" strat, Escape Agent Reverse Jon Push, and a consistent setup for the Egypt Title Warp.

TASpap also discovered the Bunker 2 Cell Warp, which was a widely rumored strat without a proper setup. However, a setup was found by emulator runner Acadie completely separate from TASpap months before they found it, but was never brought into the attention of the overaching community until Acadie's Bunker 2 Agent emulator run was found and discussed in The-Elite Discord. The resulting discovery and discussion regarding Acadie's run led to TASpap releasing their Bunker 2 content a month early, causing much discussion and controversy over their intention of hoarding strats as well as rankings integrity.