Goldeneye 007 Tutorial: Bunker 2 DLTK

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This is a tutorial for Goldeneye 007. For an outline of the strategies used in this tutorial, see the main level page.


This level must be considered somewhat easy as you can always lure one guard at a time to your cell. You can either shoot them with your limited ammo, or slap them to death (don't be too noisy or guards might spawn). Use the latter if you want to increase odds for a completion. Fortunately, no body armored guards appear (as long as the alarm doesn't goes off).

The current WR uses a really elaborate strat but is not maxed and it is the sort of level where there could a quicker strat if someone could find it. That said, it's not like the WR is weak in any way, especially if you consider all the factors that must go your way.