Carrington Institute: Defense

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Carrington Institute: Defence (usually referred to as "CI") is Perfect Dark's 15th level.

Carrington Institue
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Stage Info
Recommended Version NTSC or NTSC-J
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  • Release hostages (3)
  • Retrieve experimental weapon
  • Deactivate bomb

Special Agent

  • Release hostages (4)
  • Reactivate automatic defences

Perfect Agent

  • Release hostages (5)
  • Destroy Sensitive information

One objective on this level is rescuing the CI hostages, of which there are seven. You only need to rescue a bare minimum of

  • 3 hostages on Agent,
  • 4 hostages on Special Agent and
  • 5 hostages on Perfect Agent,

BUT you still need to visit all of them. This often entails opening the door to a room full of hostages and simply walking away, or, on PA, shooting the hostage yourself.

Difficulty Explanations


  • Written guide by Icy

Special Agent

Perfect Agent

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