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Recommended Version NTSC or NTSC-J
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Runway (Part iii of Mission 1: Arkangelsk) is the third level in Goldeneye 007. This is one of the levels featuring a tank.



  • Find plane ignition key
You must pickup the ignition key from the desk in the guard hut to the left of the starting area.
  • Escape in plane
Run to the plane and press B to end the level.

Secret Agent

  • Destroy missile battery
This is on top of the tower next to the plane. It requires using a mine, grenade, or the tank to destroy it.

00 Agent

  • Destroy heavy gun emplacements
There are three protected drone guns that must be destroyed using a mine, grenade, or the tank.

Difficulty Explanations


Aim left of the key, to be in right strafe by the time you actually pick it up, making for a better line leaving (and no grinding on the table)[1]. Don't turn towards the plane. The plane's hitbox is a big circle, and once you're inside that circle you can press B to end the level. Turning to face the plane does nothing but make it take longer to get inside the circle[2].

Hut grenade

The "last piece of the puzzle" found by Berg during his strategising for the agent untied, and measured as saving a surprising 0.10-0.15s on console. Also called "eliminating the hut guards", it just involves tossing a grenade very imprecisely in the hut somewhere to kill both of the guards there. This is incredibly free and should be used by all players. [3] The thinking is that these guards spend a significant part of the run aiming at Bond down the entire length of the runway, and the end of the run is already more laggy due to explosions and other runway guards. It has always been done on SA out of necessity - these guards regularly blow up the plane - but on agent it was assumed that the extra grenade explosion would just make more lag, and so cost time if anything.

Ground grenade

Holding the grenade and dropping it on the ground is a common beginner strategy used to self boost.

Secret Agent

  • General tutorial for 0:23 by Dusky
  • General tutorial for 0:22 by MW

00 Agent

  • R-Taps strategy tutorial for 0:31-0:32 by Grav
  • 2-tap strategy tutorial for 0:34-0:35 by Fletchr
  • General tutorial for 0:36 by Karl M
  • Tank strategy tutorial for 0:38-0:39 by Spec

Leaned throw

The it is possible to eliminate the missile battery and heavy gun emplacements with a grenade using a leaned throw. This was used to set the 00 Agent world record of 0:28, a 4 second untied at the time when set.



Technical Details


5 of the 6 guards along the runway are treated as spawn guards. The one closest to the plane is a normal guard. These respawn every 2s. Spawn guards are spawned in different places, depending on where you are (just like on Streets and Depot). Spawn guards have an 80 / 256 (31.25%) chance to spawn with 1x Klobb with 40 health, an 80 / 256 (31.25%) chance to spawn with 1x KF7 with 40 health and 10 armor, and a 96 / 256 (37.5%) chance to spawn with 2x Klobb with 40 health and 20 armor. [4]

There are 2 patrolling guards.[5]

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