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Recommended Version NTSC or NTSC-J
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Dam (Part i of Mission 1: Arkangelsk) is the first level in Goldeneye 007.



  • Bungee jump from platform
The player must make it to the end of the level and walk off the platform.

Secret Agent

  • Neutralize all alarms
The four alarms on the level must be destroyed.

00 Agent

  • Install covert modem
The player must place a modem (a gadget and projectile) on the screen near the padlocked gate.
  • Intercept data backup
The player needs to activate the mainframe in the basement. It is not necessary to wait for this to complete before leaving.

Difficulty Explanations


Strafe to the end to complete the mission. Recommended to use 2.x for 53 as movement is simple enough to where the awkwardness of 2.x don't matter.

Secret Agent

Same start as agent and a new 2nd half where you destroy all alarms. Spending as little time as possible shooting each alarm is key to a good time. Recommended to use 1.2 as you can't play this level with cruise control.

  • General tutorial by Pogo
  • Opening the tower doors from the right angle is key.

00 Agent

Same start as agent and a new 2nd half where you plant the modem and go through the basement of the dam. Depending on your goal time you sacrifice survival for speed on 00 Agent.



Technical Details

  • Bad Cinema: The cinema where you see the large gate in the first scene will make the 2nd part of the gate not open quickly. This is an instant restart of the level.
  • Fast gate: The gate is semi random, but following the fast gate tutorial will save a couple tenths on average as you load the guard at the gate earlier.
  • Piggyback strategy: Hitting the end zone will cause the alarms to load making it possible to destroy them using 2.4 or 2.3 and shooting during the fadeout. It does however require luring a guard off the side of the dam.


  • There is no link in the navigation graph through the lockshot gate, and so guards cannot run across it. If they try to plot a route to Bond on the other side then this will just fail and they won't move.
  • When the alarm goes off for the first time, 2 guards spawns before the double gate and run to Bond, as well as the two guards in the building where the modem console is[1][2]. Again the guards will fail to run to Bond if he is on the Dam
  • The two guards who patrol around the double gate at the start will not attack you until they reach their destination or are disrupted. One goes near the tower of silver crates, while the other goes to the destructible boxes nearby the gate. Occasionally their pathing will mess up and they'll spin in circles and be harmless. [3]
  • Tunnel guards have a 25 / 256 (~9.8%) chance of becoming normal guards each time that they would otherwise pick an attack.

Unworkable/Unused Strategies

Lure from modem area

The idea is to make enough noise in the modem throw area to do something useful, such as lure guards away. All this does is cause guard clones to spawn then run up the first tower. The vertical lift door to the backup mainframe will have closed long before Bond arrives.

Open double gate

The idea of having the gates open for you as you reach them. The guard unfortunately is not fast enough to do such a thing, but actually is possible with cheats on (Slow/Fast Animation, Turbo).[4]

Skip the gate button

The guard goes through two states before deciding to open the gate, and pressing the button skips one of them. The slightly tighter line is not a time save.[4]

Shoot alarms through walls

Alarms become unloaded and can only be destroyed by an explosive, not available without cheats with an exception of the piggyback strategy.[4]

Explode alarm from below

Slower route, though possibly reduces lag more than normal. There's a barrel down there which when destroyed from its top damages an alarm, but it's not enough to fully destroy it.[4]

External Links


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