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Recommended Version NTSC or NTSC-J
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Silo (part i of mission 3: Kirghzistan) is the sixth level in Goldeneye 007. The formal name for this level is Soviet Missile Launch Silo #4. This level features a countdown timer; all objectives must be cleared and the end of the level reached before the timer elapses.



  • Photograph satellite
Use the camera to photograph the satellite in the final room before Ourumov.
  • Minimize scientist casualties

Secret Agent

  • Obtain telemetric data
  • Retrieve satellite circuitry

00 Agent

  • Plant bombs in the fuel rooms

Difficulty Explanations


  • General tutorial by Luke
  • Tutorial for 0:59/1:00/1:01 by Irie

Secret Agent

  • General tutorial for 1:09 by Goose

00 Agent



Technical Details


There are 15 patrolling guards. [1]

There are 6 guards who are completely inactive until you reach a certain height value, which they are always checking for. Afterwards, they become normal guards. I'm pretty sure these are the ones near Ouromov.

All crate guards are targeting guards.

External Links


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