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Recommended Version NTSC or NTSC-J
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Facility (Part ii of Mission 1: Arkangelsk) is the second level in GoldenEye 007.



  • Gain access to laboratory area
Enter the room with the stairs up. This is the only route to the ending so the objective is trivial.
  • Rendezvous with 006
Completes a fixed time after Trev first greets Bond with "Glad you could make it, 007". This is the bottleneck in the ending, and so this objective should be completed deep into the fade.
  • Destroy all tanks in bottling room
All 10 of them.
  • Minimize scientist casualties
At most 2 scientists (excluding Doak) can be killed.[1] This largely isn't a problem though you can fail it with a poorly placed mine boost upstairs.

Secret / 00 Agent

  • Contact double Agent
The only additional objective on SA / 00A. This requires meeting up with the man himself, Dr Doak, and receiving the door decoder from him[2].

Difficulty Explainations


  • General tutorial by Luke
  • Open door tutorial by Yendis
  • Bad trev tutorial by Yendis
  • How to never fail tanks by Irie

Secret Agent / 00A Agent



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Technical Details

Facility can experience the Time Not Saved glitch.

Dr. Doak spawn

Doak does not spawn until you enter the bathroom. There are 7 locations he can spawn at[3], as pictured:

Dr. Doak spawn locations

Location Chance, / 256 Chance, %
#1 36 14.1
#7 45 17.6
other 35 13.7

The chances of getting the optimal spawn, #3, is 1 in 7.31.

The 3 better spots have common names, since all are involved in alternate strats:

Spawn number Common name
#1 Big lab
#2 Small lab
#3 Best spot

Dr. Doak sequence

The game checks if Bond is within Doak's line of sight, and if so triggers Doak's walking toward Bond[2]. The conversation is triggered once Bond is within a 2m, and 5 seconds later Doak will give Bond the door decoder, wherever Bond is in the level.

In particular you can 'meet up through the glass' when Doak is in the small lab. This still loses at least 0.30s compared to the best spot even in a TAS setting[4], and would lose even more when compared to 'right strafe Doak'.

Good and Bad Trev

This refers to the position of Trevelyan when Bond enters the bottling area.

For detailed mechanics, see Facility - Good and Bad Trev

Trio after console door

The script for each of the trio of guards in the hallway after the console controller door is naively written to wait until they see Bond, then walk & shoot, followed by run & shoot, before becoming normal guards. However if you look down heavily then the two charging animations fail and they will fall through to become normal guards.

Unworkable/Unused Strategies

Decoder door guard lure

This is a theoretical strategy that lures one of the guards next to the decoder door to open it for you, saving 2-3 seconds. This has only been demonstrated in a TAS. More information in this post.

One guard lure

There's a separate page discussing the technical aspect of the decoder door one guard lure.

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