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Stage Info
Recommended Version PAL
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Jungle (Part i of Mission 7: Cuba) is the fifteenth level in Goldeneye 007.



  • Destroy drone guns
  • Eliminate Xenia
  • Escort Natalya to Janus base

Secret Agent / 00 Agent

  • Blow up ammo dump

Difficulty Explanations


  • General tutorial by Swiss

Secret Agent

  • Secret Agent uses the same route as Agent. Xenia takes nine headshots to elimiate optimally; since you obtain less ammo from dropped weapons, you can take a slight detour to kill another guard on the way to the second drone for more ammo, but it is not required. Survivability is more of a factor on Secret Agent as Xenia can elimiate you with a grenade shot and with the RCP-90 if you've taken a lot of damage from guards along the way, so be mindful of your health. You'll want to destroy the second to last drone with a Remote Mine and save two grenade shots for the Ammo Dump and final drone.

00 Agent

  • 00 Agent uses the same route as Secret Agent, only your survivability odds are very slim. Guards will deal more damage to you and can impede your progress with backboosts and major life loss. Xenia takes nine headshots to elimiate on 00 as well. Be sure to get a second AR-33 prior to fighting her. She can very quickly dispatch you; getting a clean kill on her requires favorable animations and surgical aim. For consistency and survivability, you can stand just to the right of the first tree in the Xenia area and aim at her while she runs at you for a slower, but way more consistent kill.
  • Jungle Secret Agent/00 ending tutorial by Irie

Random Info to use if needed

  • Enter the cave at the normal look-up angle and shoot the drone earlier. That way you avoid a risk of getting backboosted by the drone. [1]
  • Be careful not to lose time at Xenia. You should switch to AR33, align your aim at her head and shoot her earlier, like this. Consistency may drop but you can get better kills
  • For the final drone and ammo dump section, switch from Grenade Launcher/RCP-90 to Grenade Launcher and strafe the entire part. Just shoot the first drone, quickly shoot the dump and turn and quickly shoot the last drone from a decent distance[2]. Just don't hesitate a second to fire the GL shot on the last drone after blowing the ammo dump, or the shot will go trough the ground, just fire fast[3].



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