Bunker 1

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Bunker 1
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Recommended Version NTSC or NTSC-J
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Bunker 1 (Part ii of Mission 2: Servernaya) is the fifth level in Goldeneye 007.



  • Copy Goldeneye key and leave original
Collect the Goldeneye key using the key analyser and duplicate it using.
  • Photograph main video screen
Use the camera to photograph the large video screen in the main room.

Secret Agent

  • Disrupt all surveillance equipment
All 4 security cameras must be destroyed.

00 Agent

  • Get personnel to activate computer
Boris must be activated in the main room. He will begin slowly walking to the mainframe room. Bond must remain within Boris radius or he will run away.
  • Download data from computer
The data thief must be selected from the pause menu and used on the mainframe after Boris has activated it. You do not need to wait for the data to finish downloading before leaving.

Difficulty Explanations


Recommended to use one quickpause at the start to save time on later required pauses, and even an extra quickpause before the first pause to equip the camera can save time if done properly. Proceed through the level to photograph the screen and pick up the Goldeneye key off the table, avoiding getting stuck on parts of the level or Boris. Then head to the glass doors and at this point, you'll have to decide between the old ending strategy or the newer ending strategy that utilizes 2.4 to analyze and throw the Goldeneye key in the ending cutscene.

Secret Agent

Similar to Agent, it's recommended to quickpause while waiting for the first door to raise. Requires a modified route to the Agent speedrun to destroy the 4 cameras throughout the level in addition to the Agent objectives. The alarm does not get pulled on Secret Agent so you'll need to open the glass doors near the end yourself, and good positioning while opening the glass door is key so that guards will boost you further into the hallway while pausing for the Key Analyzer rather than into the glass doors, as this will typically kill your run.

00 Agent

This level is quite complex as you'll need to complete the same objectives as Secret Agent as well as escort Boris to the mainframe room for his hacking objective. For almost all Bunker 1 00 Agent speedruns, players make use of the guard at the bottom of the first set of stairs pulling a grenade to kill most of the troublesome guards in the big room. This requires watching both cutscenes in their entirety so the guard will be in the correct location. Since you'll need to wait for Boris while he's hacking the mainframe, the fastest method is to ignore cameras and guards and get to Boris as quick as possible, since any time that's spent where Boris is either not making his way to the mainframe room or performing the hacking objective is lost time. The three cameras near the start can be destroyed while Boris is hacking the mainframe, though you'll need to be fairly quick to make it back to the mainframe in time to use the Datathief as soon as Boris completes his hacking objective to avoid losing time.

The other main point for this level is that there are two strategies for escorting Boris to the mainframe room. The first option is to walk with Boris the entire way which will ensure he walks directly to the mainframe room, which is quite slow. The faster option is to let Boris get far enough away from Bond that he decides to run away, and then hope that he runs directly towards the mainframe room which can save several seconds, but introduces a lot of extra RNG into the level as Boris can sometimes run to other places, which kills the run.

  • General tutorial for 1:02 by Goose



Technical Details


Boris has a chance to walk (probably) or run (hopefully) to the mainframe room. See the Boris page for technical details.

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